A little gift for one of my favorite artist, not just as a great cartoonist but also a powerful inspiration to my work.

Awww! I love the basilisk addition thats so perfect you have no idea! 8D I love this aw <3 Thank you!

I couldn’t resist drawing this after you announced that Bernadette Peters is a singing inspiration for Afkinz :D Especially when you mentioned Annie Get Your Gun :P I Hope ya like it :) 

AHHHH! This is the cutest thing omg! This song hehehe aw yesss I love this <333 creative creative adorbs <333

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getting reacquainted with tvpaint! i got the demo version to get settled with it again and it wont let me export so i had to time this in photoshop sssoooo it’s kinda wonky ehhhhhh

hop hop

ahhh love it Misha! c: looks awesome!!

are their specific themes to each of your books in zp? like one book can be about a specific set of characters and then the next book would have another..??

Actually yes! I feel like each book of ZP has it’s own themes/vibe/genre going on with it! Loosely things are planned like this-

Book One is very much an introduction, just ONE LOOOOONG introduction, I count it as very mixed and is kinda like a fantasy school story c:

Book Two is more for fun, it’s all the holiday stories and is just about fleshing out the characters and setting even more!

Book Three is the start of the more heavy storylines and the first official flowing narrative! It’s genres are musical, film noir, and supernatural.

Book Four is horror/thriller, sci fi (ish) and is prolly one of the shorter books.

Book Five is film noir(ish) and dealing with oppression and violent leadership.

Book Six is dealing hugely with mythology. and Mythos and theology follows through the rest of ZP very heavily.

Book’s seven, eight, nine, and Ten all have to do with blending mythos and the culmination of the ending story! Everything builds into one huge climactic event <3

there is no singular main character in ZP, it’s kind of anthological. But there are some ‘main’ characters that have arcs to their personalities and have complete stories. Also each book has a different sort of character it focuses on! Cameron is in each book, but she has a bigger role in certain ones over others!

Hey Vivs! I was wondering how you work SO DARN FAST on all your animations? You crank them out so quickly on top of all the other things you've got going! ; ~ ; As a fellow animator I wanna know any tricks or tips (especially since this is my senior year and I'm worried about thesis kicking my ass!). My teachers suggest having sophomores/juniors help with inking and coloring. Does that help you cut down time too? How do you handle all that organization?

Honestly, I just work extremely fast naturally, and as I keep going I get faster and faster. I create a rhythm and I stick to it nonstop!

I honestly think it’s just come from constant drawing and constant practice, the more you draw the faster you get!

I also work HOURS at a time, only taking breaks really to eat, unless theres something else going on, like at school I had classes, and now at home get togethers and outing with family every so often.

I just focus on a set deadline everyday, like I set myself goals, like “get all panels inked” “get 2 scenes inked” “finish at least 4 drawings” ect.

having that goal to reach keeps me on track and working!

I do though have some awesome people helping me out with my comics and animation, doing the flat colors, which REALLY helped because of the amount of time inking and drawing/animation takes!

I don’t have many real ‘tricks’ to save on time, I honestly don’t even use hotkeys haha, so I attribute my speed to just TOOOONS of practice and falling into a set workflow c:

Is Jiji in Zoophobia? I don't think I've seen her in it.

she doesn’t appear in ZP until Book Two I’m afraid :c

Out of all the werewolfs you drew yesterday, your's is by far my favorite and I don't really know why but I think it looks the best to me.

Awww well thank you! It was fun to do but honestly I am happy with ALL the ones I did! each design is fun on it’s own, and it was such a blast using outfits and colors relating to people I actually know <3333

Seriously glad I made the choice to do the credits that  way because it was a fun way to give a little back to everyone helping out! It’s a fantastic team of people i’m happy to call friends <333

Okay so that scene you posted with Jiji putting her arm around Jack made me think, would they be good friend/or are they? And if so what kinda friendship would they have and all that other good stuff?

Jack likes her, but he’s also kind of scared of the harm she could unintentionally bring him. So he tries to keep his distance normally. They aren’t super close but Zill likes her a lot, so they cross paths every so often c:


full day of traveling and one stress after another with no end in sight?? obvious solution: put on a bunch of peppy dance music and draw yourself as a kickass werewolf (credit goes to viv for design. luv u viv 

i just wanted to draw wolfie misha bringing it on because regular human meesh wants to bring it off real bad :’D

AHHH MISHA! This is so cute ahh <333 Seriously! This looks amazing.

Dear Viv,

You’re amazing and my inspiration so I made you something ;v; I hope you like it <33


p.s. you’re super radical wow